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MOSS: Add/Set Alerts for multiple/Other Users

Suppose we want to add alerts on behalf of other users. For this, we will take the example of adding alerts for a document library. 

Click on “Actions” and then on “Alert Me” as encircled in the figure below: 


Add the users in the “Users” text box against “Send Alerts To”.   


Set the “Change Type” from 

·        All changes

·        New items are added

·        Existing items are modified

·        Items are deleted

·        Web discussion updates 


Set the “Send the Alerts for these Changes” from 

·        Anything changes

·        Someone else changes a document

·        Someone else changes a document created by me

·        Someone else changes a document last modified by me


Set the frequency of the alerts from  

·        Send e-mail immediately

·        Send a daily summary

·        Send a weekly summary 

And click “Ok”.


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MOSS: Manage / Delete Users Alerts

Alerts against documents, list items, discussions and so on can be deleted / modified as under: 

Move from “Site Actions” to “Site Settings”. Here, select “Users Alerts” under “Site Administration”. Select the user from “Display Alerts for” drop down list and click on “Update”. Alerts against this user will be displayed. Select the alerts and delete them.

Same works for SharePoint with little modification.

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