MOSS: Manage / Delete Users Alerts

Alerts against documents, list items, discussions and so on can be deleted / modified as under: 

Move from “Site Actions” to “Site Settings”. Here, select “Users Alerts” under “Site Administration”. Select the user from “Display Alerts for” drop down list and click on “Update”. Alerts against this user will be displayed. Select the alerts and delete them.

Same works for SharePoint with little modification.


  1. Lou Mang said

    I want to manage the user alerts for a MOSS site. The “Display alerts for”drop-down tool for my site doesn’t have any names listed, even after clicking on update. I have users added to the site. Why might this be happening.

  2. farhanfaiz said

    Can you confirm that the users have added the alerts. They are receiving the alerts?

  3. Lou Mang said

    I want to manages the alterts for users like the “User Alerts” tool says, but there are no users listed in the dropdown box.
    In your question above: “Can you confirm that the users have added the alerts. They are receiving the alerts?”
    That’s what I want to do – manage their alerts. Shouldn’t there be user names in the dropdown box?

  4. Lou Mang said

    Ok, I just set an alert for my self and I see my name in the dropdown box. But what I’d like to do is activate alerts for other users. They aren’t savvy enough to set alerts. I want to do this for them. Cam I do that?

  5. farhanfaiz said

    Sure. You can do that if you are using MOSS 2007.

    You can set the alerts in the same way for others as yourself.

    Just add the users in the text box as you added yourself.

    Remember this facility is for MOSS 2007 only.

  6. Lou Mang said

    MOSS 2007

  7. farhanfaiz said

    Check the following post

  8. Is administrator can view all users alerts?
    Can he delete users alerts for managments purpose?

  9. farhanfaiz said


  10. Sara said

    Some users have been deleted from a teamsite in error. We can’t add them back on to the teamsite. I think it is because they had alerts set-up (they are still receiving the alerts). I can’t delete the alerts as the user doesn’t appear in the “Display Alerts for” drop down list. Any suggestions?

  11. farhanfaiz said


    Kindly try using SPAlert class.


  12. irehman said

    farhan, you have briefly answered one of the question, i’m listing it below, can you tell me how? as i’m in the same situation and done know how to do it.

    Is administrator can view all users alerts?
    Can he delete users alerts for managments purpose?
    farhanfaiz said: yup

  13. Farhan Faiz said


    If you are using MOSS 2007, Site Actions -> Site Settings -> User Alerts under “Site Administration”.

    If you are using SharePoint 2003, I believe that you have to write a code to check the alerts and delete them.

    Do let me know in case you require further assistance in this regard.

  14. justelise said

    Do you know of a way to restrict user permissions to delete alerts? We need to stop a group of Contributing users from deleting alerts to Tasks on a specific site. Is that possible?

  15. Farhan Faiz said


    You need to create a new group and unchecked “delete” option.

    Site Settings > Permissions > Permission Levels

  16. Shannon said

    Is there a way in MOSS 2007 to locate all alerts for a particular user without having to go to each site and use the site administration user alerts?

    • Farhan Faiz said

      You can use SharePoint Object Model or web service to achieve this.

  17. Sathish Krishnamoorthy said


  18. Anonymous said

    thanks, just what i was looking for

  19. Anonymous said

    Cool – thanks for this – just what I was after

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