MOSS: Add/Set Alerts for multiple/Other Users

Suppose we want to add alerts on behalf of other users. For this, we will take the example of adding alerts for a document library. 

Click on “Actions” and then on “Alert Me” as encircled in the figure below: 


Add the users in the “Users” text box against “Send Alerts To”.   


Set the “Change Type” from 

·        All changes

·        New items are added

·        Existing items are modified

·        Items are deleted

·        Web discussion updates 


Set the “Send the Alerts for these Changes” from 

·        Anything changes

·        Someone else changes a document

·        Someone else changes a document created by me

·        Someone else changes a document last modified by me


Set the frequency of the alerts from  

·        Send e-mail immediately

·        Send a daily summary

·        Send a weekly summary 

And click “Ok”.




  1. Lou Mang said

    Yes, that should do it.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Lou Mang

  2. ale said


    why my alert notification is not working. i have set it up to immediately email when anything changes.

    fyi, i got the email notification just after i subcribed to the list, but after that..nothing received eventhough i make a change to the list.

    perhaps you can help me out


  3. farhanfaiz said

    Can you specify the changes you make in the list?



  4. Rayna said

    Is it possible to update the alert with additional users after the alert has been created?

  5. farhanfaiz said


  6. Rayna said

    Where would I go about doing that, as I don’t seem to see the option? I’m logged into the site as the farm admin and trying to do this for the person who created the alert.

  7. farhanfaiz said


    This is for the list. It can be document library, task list and others. Go to the required list and you will find the option.

    Do let me know if you require any further assistance.


    • Srivatsava said

      Hi Farhan,
      I cannot find an option to edit/view the user alerts for one document lib. I go to Site Actions>Site Settings>Site Admin>User Alerts> and select name of the resource and click on update I can only see the names of the user alerts set for those resources but no options are found to view/edit the settings of those user alerts. I want to view/edit user alerts settings of the alerts for other resources as well. I am a farm admin.

      • Farhan Faiz said

        Never tried, but you can set up alerts not edit them.

      • Anonymous said

        Hi Srivatsava,
        I think you cant edit in tht way..thats the option for deleting

  8. Ale said

    Sort it out my last problem. i just need to wait for 5 minute(default) to see the email. I have set the stsadm to set the immediate alert on every 1 minute.

    but one more things..I know we can customize the email alert. (XML folder)
    but i’m looking for the Task Email..i want to customize that.
    do you have any clue where should i locate it?

  9. Nadeem said

    Hi Farhan,
    i have stuck up in a situation from past couple of days.
    I want to create an alert for library though the user has an email setup in Active Directory.But when i try to create i m getting this error

    “The following users do not have e-mail addresses specified: Aditi Shedge. Alerts have been created successfully but these users will not receive e-mail notifications until valid e-mail addresses have been provided”

    How to set the email address for other users.Please guide me a way out for this.

    Thanks in Advance.


  10. farhanfaiz said


    We also faced the same problem once. First check that alert is working for other email addresses and also the email address in the Active Directory is valid.



  11. Nadeem said

    Thanks for ur quick response Farhan,

    I got a way out for my problem.Here it is..

    In order to set an alerts for individual users.Site owner or Admin has to follow this steps.

    1. Open Central admin site -> SSP site.
    2.Click on User profiles and Properties
    3.Click on Add User profiles
    4.Add details with email address and the Save it.

    Wait for some time in order to refresh the cache buffer then u can be able to set the alerts for list and libraries.


  12. whall said

    Thanx – I googled “sharepoint 2007 set alerts someone else” and got this tip immediately. I’m new to 2007 (just upgraded 2 weeks ago) and finding all sorts of cool new features, like subscribing someone else to an alert. Who knew it would be as easy as “alert me”?

    I’m also impressed that you can specify a view by which to further filter the alerts. I’m hoping it turns out as neat as I’m making it out to be in my mind.

  13. Davis said


    why my alert notification is not working. On the Change Type, i chose New Items Added, and whenever i published a page, it’s not sending any alerts that a certain page is created/published.

    Can someone help me how to fix it.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Davis Ditto said

    I have the same problem as Davis, when I set up alerts for the new added items (for views) it doesn’t send any thing. But when I say alert me for all changes (for views) it sends me email … WTF MOSS, WTF MS, WTF alerts shouldn’t have this complicatoins & problems ….

  15. A Chan said

    I have the same problem as Davis too, it will create an alert but when I try to change something or add a new item on the alert item that I created. It will not send any email to me.

    Anyone has any idea about this?


  16. Satya said

    i have set E-Mail alert like what you have shown above, but i am getting six email notifications for the same request……..why it happening i am not getting, can you please help any one knows?

  17. Yazeed Talodi said

    To get alerts while publishing a page you have to go to the “pages” library which you can find in “Site Actions > Manage Content and Structure” go to the pages library which you want to be notified about new pages there. From there setup your alerts.

    Regarding my problem.
    I receive the initial alert setup e-mail but I don’t receive the remaining notifications when I add/update/delete items in a library

    a lot of people have this issue online but it doesn’t seem that somebody could resolve it yet.

    Please let me know in case you find anything

  18. Farhan Faiz said

    Go to CA -> Operations -> Timer Job status.

    Check “Immediate Alerts” job from the list. Let me know the list time it was run.


  19. Yazeed Talodi said

    The last run time is 8/6/2008? seems pretty old

  20. Farhan Faiz said


    Thats seems to be a service issue. Right now, don’t have any idea how to solve it. May be check accounts previllage that are running the service.

    Do let me know.


  21. Julie said

    Can you set an alert to only be sent for new items and NOT send alerts for changes?

  22. Farhan Faiz said


    We can do that. Please select “New items are added” from “Change Tye”.


  23. suhara said

    i have set alert settings. And all the alerts are stucking in the folder C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop. Can you help me to resolve this problem.

  24. Farhan Faiz said

    Check for access rights.

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