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Upgrading from SharePoint 2003 to MOSS 2007 Using Gradual Approach

Of all the three upgrade techniques, my favorite is database migration but of our client requirement was Gradual Upgrade. These steps are done for upgrade from WSS2.0/SharePoint 2003 to WSS3.0/MOSS 2007 in a single form environment. For different architecture, you may need some more steps. Also, we have to face with almost zero customization. Steps for upgrading from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using the gradual approach are as under:


1. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0 Redistributable Package (x86) from the following URL: 


2. Run PreScan.exe. The steps for running PreScan can be found at the following URL:


Remove all the error that are mentioned by PreScan. 


3. Install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The steps for installing MOSS 2007 are as under: 

a. Run setup.exe file, enter product key and accept License Terms.

b. First important thing to do is to choose your upgrade approach. We will select gradual approach and click install now.
















c. After installation, you get the completion screen.  Don’t uncheck “Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard nowand click close.
















d. Odds are you will get a screen that says you must Reboot to complete setup. If so, click “Yes”.


4. SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard will run.

a. This will take you to “Welcome to SharePoint Products and Technologies” screen. Click “Next”.
















b. It will ask about restarting server services. Click “Yes”.

c. On the language pack screen click OK. If you have any language packs to install, this is the time to do it.

d. On the “Connect to a server farm” screen, choose “No, I want to create a new server farm and click “Next”.
















e. Specify the name of the SQL server and the account password that SharePoint will use and click “Next”.
















f. It will inquire about the central administrator port, change it or use the default. Select “Authentication Provider” according to you needs. We selected NTLM.

g. Screen with options you selected will appear. Click “Next” to start the configuration.

h. Once this finishes, it will display a Configuration Successful screen with the information of the settings. Click “Finish”.

i. You will be automatically taken to SharePoint Central Administration 2007.


5. The steps for SharePoint Central Administration are as under: 

a. Move from Operation to “Services on server” under “Topology and Services”.

b. Under the server role section you will notice several options. We selected “Single Server”.

c. Now for the options at the bottom we need to get all of them started.

d. Click on “Start” for Document Conversions Load Balancer Service

e. Click on “Start” for Document Conversions Launcher Service by selecting the server and clicking on “OK”.

h. Click start for Windows SharePoint Services Search and fill out your service accounts in the form domain\username and the enter password. Accept the other defaults and click Start.


6. We are now ready to go on performing a gradual upgrade. The steps for upgrading sites one by one are as under: 


a. The first step is move from Central Administration > Operations > Site Content Upgrade Status.   

b. Select Begin Upgrade under actions. (If you SharePoint 2003 is 

exposed to internet, do check the URL :

c. List of sites will appear with the options Database names, Refresh site list, Revert Site, Upgrade settings, Site Content Upgrade Status and Finalize Upgrade.

e. Select “\” root site first to start upgrade. This will result in the following actions:

                                               I.    MOSS 2007 will occupy the port on which SharePoint 2003 is running.

                                               II.    SharePoint 2003 with all the contents will be shifted to a new port, say, 5417.

                                              III.    Shared Service Provider for MOSS 2007 will be created with the same name as that SharePoint 2003 virtual server.

                                              IV.    When a user tries to access a site which is not upgrade to MOSS 2007, he will be redirected to SharePoint 2003.

                                              V.    Select the sites one by one to upgrade from SharePoint 2003 to MOSS 2007.

                                             VI.    When all the sites upgraded from SharePoint 2003 to MOSS 2007, click “Finalize Upgrade”.


7. Post Upgrade steps are as under:


a. Uninstall SharePoint portal Server 2003 (Stop SharePoint Portal Server Search Service first).

b. Delete Portal Configuration and Content Databases.

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MOSS 2007: Server error:

While trying to install WSS 3.0 SP1 ( the installation get stuck at task 9 of 10 of SharePoint Products and Technology Configuration Wizard. When tried to access the server, encountered the following error:


Server error:


When look into the “Event Viewer”, found the following error description:


The schema version ( of the database DATA
DATABASE_NAME on DATABA_SESERVER_NAME is not consistent with the expected database schema version (3.X.X.X) on DATABASE_NAME.  Connections to this database from this server have been blocked to avoid data loss.  Upgrade the web front end or the content database to ensure that these versions match.




The first thing we did was either remove content database from the web application which are having the error or Detach the database. This doesn’t seem to work. So we run the command


stsadm –o upgrade –inplace –url Central_Administration_URL –forceupgrade


and we were back in the business J.

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