After upgrade, Internet Users Cannot Access SharePoint 2003 sites


Our SharePoint 2003 URL is exposed to internet. Let it be .

 Our SharePoint 2003 was running on port 80. When we upgraded using gradual approach, SharePoint 2003 was moved to another port, say, 42154 and new MOSS 2007 started running on port 80.

Now, the functionality is that when we try to access a SharePoint 2003, we are redirected. Like if when we tried to access http://share.compantname/sites/abc , we were redirected to SharePoint 2003 and URL turns out to be http://share:42154/sites/abc. This works find for intranet users but for internet users http://share:42154/sites/abc is not Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), so they get stuck with page not found error.



What we did was used SSL for port 42154. One can do this by going to IIS Manager, select Web Site running SharePoint 2003. Right click and click on properties. In front of TCP PORT: 42154, you have SSL Port: test box. Write 443. You will be able to access SharePoint 2003 sites using httpS://


What went wrong?

When started Upgrade by clicking on “Begin Upgrade”, we didn’t put host header name and did not exposed that host header to internet



For more explanation, kindly visit the heading “Determine and create new domain names (gradual upgrade only)” at the following link:

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