MOSS 2007: List column error while importing to Excel



When we try to export list to MS Excel using option “Export to SpreadSheet”, following error message displayed:


“Cannot get the list schema column property from SharePoint list.”











Quick resolution is that if you are using MS Excel 2003; try it using MS Excel 2007. This should solve the problem.


Other way is that this is due to a column which has type “Date” or “Date and Time”. Remove such columns from a list view and try to import, you will soon find the trouble making column.


Create a column, copy the data from trouble making column and delete the trouble making column. You are good to go.


Sometimes changes column type from “Date” or “Date and Time” to “Single line text” and change it back to original type will solve the problem but this may result in loss of existing data.


We have a hotfix available as well:

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