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MOSS: Outbound SMTP server settings

We installed MOSS 2007 on a client machine but unable to set up outbound SMTP server settings in central administration. We tried following URLS:

Enable relay but things were not working. Error generated when we send email to a new user. Then came final change. Disable Anti Virus installed on the server and here we goJ.

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MOSS 2007: Configure My Inbox WebPart for Multiple Users

In order to configure My Inbox for multiple users, don’t hard code email address in “Mail Box” property of the webpart. Just enter question mark (?) in “Mail Box” property of My Inbox webpart (“Modify Shared Web Part” – > Mail Box).


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MOSS 2007: Changing landing page (default.aspx)

We need to change the landing page of site from default.aspx to one of our customized page. We used the following code:


static void Main(string[] args)


            SPSite oSiteCollection = null;

            SPWeb oWibSite = null;

            SPFolder oFolder = null;




                oSiteCollection = new SPSite(http://site URL”);

                oWibSite = oSiteCollection.OpenWeb();

                oFolder = oWibSite.RootFolder;

                oFolder.WelcomePage = “document library/page name”;



            catch (Exception e)












Source: MSDN – forgot URL L

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