SharePoint 2007: SPFileCollection.Add – Title is not updating

An old ghost that bothered again. We were trying to upload document along with metadata using SPFileCollection.Add Method. The issue we were facing is that “Title” column is not updated.

Our code don’t give us any error and columns other than “Title” were updated.

Hashtable itemMetaData = new

itemMetaData.Add(“Title”, “New Title”);

itemMetaData.Add(“Second_Column”, “Column_Value”);

SPFile spFile = fileColl.Add(url, content, itemMetaData, true);


We looked for internal name as it happened previously but noon. Then, comes Google and Dave Hunter solved the problem.


Add “vti_” before “Title”. So, it must be “vti_title”, instead of “Title”. Reason is that it is acronym from Vermeer Technologies Incorporated, acquired by MS in January, 1996.


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