SharePoint 2010: PowerShell Script – Add Column in Custom List


We need to create PowerShell script to create a custom list and a column in the list




$weburl = Read-Host “Please enter web url (like :”

$spweb = Get-SPWeb $weburl

$listTemplate = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListTemplateType]::GenericList

$spweb.Lists.Add(“My List”,”My list description”,$listTemplate)

write-host “List added in the Web : ” $spweb -foregroundcolor Yellow


$spList = $StartSite.Lists[“My Lists”]

$spFieldType = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldType]::Text

$spList.Fields.Add(“My Column”,$spFieldType,$false)

write-host “Column added in the list”




catch [System.SystemException]


write-host “Execution stopped due to: “+$_.Message -foregroundcolor Red



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  1. Леон said

    Excellent idea and it is timely

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