SharePoint:InputFormTextBox: Validation Issue after postback


We have placed a “SharePoint:InputFormTextBox” text control on our webpart and wanted to make it a “Required Field”. We added an ASP “RequiredFieldValidator” which works fine when we click submit.

We have other controls on the form as well. If an event is occurred and any other controls postback, then, the validation on “SharePoint:InputFormTextBox” fails to work if we try to submit.


We look into the issue and tried to resolve by adding implementing different solutions but nothing was working. In the end, found a reply on MS SharePoint forum that was buried in other replies. Suggested setting the initial property of “RequiredFieldValidator”.

Turned out the when webpart postback, somehow, “<DIV></DIV>” is added in “SharePoint:InputFormTextBox”. You can check it by editing the control “SharePoint:InputFormTextBox” after postback from some other control.

We set

RequiredFieldValidator3.InitialValue = “<DIV></DIV>”

in every control server-side code that postback.

Source: Look at the last reply by “cschoenfeldt“.

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