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Microsoft Ignite 2017 – SharePoint

Quite excited. Below are some of announcements that were made at Microsoft Ignite 2017

SharePoint 2019: Yes. Yes and Yes. Preview version will be available by mid of 2018.

Hub site: Group together related sites to share navigation and look and feel. Bring together announcements, news and activities. Making search easy and can associate team sites / communication sites.

DIP: Document Information Panel is back for Word 2016.

Threshold Limit: Predicative indexing will automatically index columns once increased 5000 items. Yes, we are getting rid of paging and contents will load as scroll.

Columns Formatters: Script to format columns.

Custom Forms with Power Apps: Not sure how much powerful but we can built custom forms using power apps as previously accomplished by InfoPath or code.

Flow Launch Panel: This is existing. A form to get input when starting workflow using Flow.

Attention View: View that list items with missing required columns.

New Admin Center: As usual, a new admin center to learn and find desired info.

Migration Tool: This is unexpected. Free of cost migration tool to migrate data from File Server, SharePoint On-Premises and CSV file to SharePoint Online. Migration tool can be downloaded from @

Session Timeout Policies: Enables to set up policies to sign out a session after a certain time of inactivity.

Device Access Policies: Enables to set up policies on site collection level to limit access of devices.

Geo-Capabilities: Good news for government sector to meet data residency requirements. A single O365 tenant can span to multiple regions based upon user or site.

Shorter Url: Shorter Url for file sharing.

Sharing Files: Share file with people outside organizations using simple email based verification.

O365 Groups and Existing sites: Existing sites can be connected with O365 groups.

MS Teams: Can open pages of SharePoint sites in MS Teams.

New Web Part: Yammer web parts, file viewer web parts, Planner and connector web part.



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