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Import Spreadsheet Error: Method ‘Post’ of object ‘IOWSPostData’ Failed

We were trying to import Excel sheet data into SharePoint and got following error:

 Method ‘Post’ of object ‘IOWSPostData’ Failed


 Need to perform following steps: 

  • Go to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\1033”.
  • Find “EXPTOOWS.XLA” and double click on it.
  • Press “Alt+F11” to display VB code editor.
  • Select code window and find “lVer = Application.SharePointVersion(URL)”
  • Add following line “lVer = 2”.
  • Save and close the window.
  • Restart and see if it worked.
  • If not, change “lVer = 3”.
  • Restart and see if it worked.

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